Blade Runnerâ„¢ BLR
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Compound: Recycled synthetic rubber (SBR).

Pattern: Lengthwise corrugated ribs.

Tensile strength: 3.5 Mpa (DIN 53504)

Abrasion resistance: 300-500 mm3 (ISO 4649)

Ergonomic properties
Thickness: 6 mm

Hardness: 60 Shore A

8.1 kg/sqm


-30°C - +70°C

Recyclable product, made from recycled materials.

Free from DOP and DMF.

Complies with REACH standard.

Protects against footwear with spikes and skates


Blade Runner™ is a recycled rubber mat that prevents both flooring and equipment from being damaged when walking with hockey skates or various types of spike shoes. It is ideal for use in all off-rink ice hockey player areas, e.g. substitution benches, mixed zones, dressing rooms. It is also the perfect mat at golf clubs and track and field facilities where athletes walk with spike shoes.


100x1000 cm

Custom lenghts

100 cm

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