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Upper side
Fiber: Econyl® Nylon (PA), whereof 70% is recycled.

Construction: Loop pile, tufted with yarns of varying thickness.

Pattern: Melange.

Compound: Vinyl (PVC), recycled.

Pattern: Smooth, dimpled.

Vinyl borders.


Pile weight: 735 grs/sqm

Total weight: 3035 grs/sqm

Pile height: 7 mm

Total height: 9 mm

Fire testing
Cfl-S1 (EN 13501-1)


Cleaning: Extraction cleaning or vacuuming.

Drying: Evaporation.


Made of recycled nylon and vinyl.

Recyclable product.

Free from DOP and DMF.

Eco-friendly contract carpet

Progress™ is a unique type of carpet which combines green materials with exceptional performance in both dirt retention and moisture absorption. It is contract graded and suitable for use in areas with heavy foot traffic.
The pile is tufted from recycled nylon yarns, making the carpet very hardwearing. The mix of hard and soft fibres gives it a special characteristic that will match any interior.
Also the backing is made from recycled vinyl and is free from toxic phtalates. It is moisture resistant, slip resistant and will not stain floor.


90x2000 cm

135x2000 cm

200x2000 cm

Custom lengths

90 cm

135 cm


Black/Anthracite (stocked)

Black/Blue, Black/Brown (made to order)

Facts for architects/specifiers

Usage (EN 1307): Class 22+/31 Contract
Wearing: Class 23/32 Project
Comfort (EN 1307):  Class LC2
Stairs (EN 1963): Continuous use
Castor chairs (EN 985): Continuous use
Water absorption (TNO W6034): ±5,0 l/sqm
Light fastness (ISO 105 B02): >7 (scale 1-8)
Water fastness (ISO 105 E01): 4-5 (scale 1-5)
Rubbing fastness (ISO 105 X12): 4-5 (scale 1-5)
Dimensional stability (ISO 105 B02): 7 (scale 1-8) 
Flammability (EN 13501-1): Cfl-S1
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