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Upper side
Fiber: Nylon (PA)

Construction: High twist, tufted.

Pattern: Melange, barberpole.

Compound: Vinyl (PVC)

Pattern: Smooth, dimpled.

Vinyl borders.


Pile weight: 950 grs/sqm

Total weight: 3800 grs/sqm

Pile height: 6 mm

Total height: 8 mm

Fire testing
Cfl-S1 (EN 13501-1)


Cleaning: Extraction cleaning or vacuuming.

Drying: Evaporation.


Recyclable product.

Free from DOP and DMF.

Uniting elegance and performance


Success™ is a beautiful carpet suitable for medium to high traffic conditions inside entrances or corridors in both professional and residential areas. 


A high pile weight and the use of twisted polyamide yarns in combination with a special construction guarantee an elegant carpet with eminent usage qualities.


Carefully selected colorways efficiently hide dust and grime, making it a pleasant and stylish fit to a variety of floor types e.g. parquet, laminate, tiles or marble.


90x2000 cm

135x2000 cm

200x2000 cm

Custom lengths

90 cm

135 cm


Black/Anthracite (stocked)

Black/Blue, Black/Brown, Black/Red (made to order)

Facts for architects/specifiers

Usage (EN 1307): Class 3 Contract (general)
Wearing: Class 33 Contract (heavy)
Comfort (EN 1307): Class LC2
Stairs (EN 1963): Class 2 suitable
Castor chairs (EN 985): Continuous use
Dimensional stability (ISO 2551): ≤0,8% Shrinkage, ≤0,4% Expansion 
Water absorption (TNO W6034): ±5.1 l/sqm
Light fastness (ISO 105 B02): 6-7 (scale 1-8)
Water fastness (ISO 105 E01): 4-5 (scale 1-5)
Rubbing fastness (ISO 105 X12): 4-5 (scale 1-5)
Flammability (EN 13501-1): Cfl-S1
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