Spaghetti™ SPG
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Quality category

16/14 mm: Good Better Best

10 mm: Good Better Best

Compound: Vinyl (PVC)

Construction: Extruded vinyl loops.

Coil strand thickness 16/14 mm: 1 mm

Coil strand thickness 10 mm: 0,35 mm

Straight cut.

Short sides with (optional) bevelled vinyl borders.

Weight 16 mm: 6.0 kg/sqm

Weight 14 mm: 4.8 kg/sqm

Weight 10 mm: 3.0 kg/sqm

Fire testing

Bfl-S1 (EN 13501-1)

Slip testing
R11 (DIN 51130)


Cleaning: Hose down.


Recyclable product.

Complies with REACH standard.

Spaghetti matting on rolls

Vinyl loops scrape dirt and moisture off shoes, allowing it to fall into the mat and not be tracked into the building. The two thicker versions (16 mm och 14 mm) are suitable for high traffic areas, while the thinner version (10 mm) is made for low to medium traffic conditions.


Made of durable, flexible and UV-resistant material, the mat performs well in different climates and adapts to any surface. It does not absorb water but allows it to drain away instead, making the mat efficient also in sub-zero temperatures. Any water left in the mat that freezes around the vinyl loops crackles when stepped on, thus maintaining the slip resistance.


Spaghetti™ is available in three versions, with and without backing:


16 mm, backed. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

14 mm, unbacked. Suitable for outdoor use or in floor recess.

10 mm, backed. Mainly suitable for indoor use.


The backed versions ensure minimum movement and keeps debris away from the floor in indoor areas. The backing is a non-porous vinyl layer which is cured into the upper web for maximum non-delaminating durability. The unbacked version allows dust and water to efficiently flow through the mat in outdoor areas.


120x600 cm

120x1800 cm

Custom lenghts

120 cm


16/14 mm: Grey, Anthracite, Black, Dark Brown, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Red

10 mm: Grey, Anthracite, Brown, Blue, Dark Green, Gold

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