Wash Master™

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Wash Master™
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Upper side
Fiber: Nylon 6 (Solution Dyed)

Construction: High Twist, tufted.

Compound: 100% Nitrile rubber (NBR).

Pattern: Smooth or cleated.

With/without reinforced rubber borders.


Pile weight: 700 grs/sqm

Total weight: 2600 grs/sqm

Pile height: 10 mm

Total height: 11 mm

Fire testing
Cfl-S1 (EN 13501-1)


Washing: Withstands industrial laundry, max 60° C.

Drying: Withstands industrial tumble dryer.


Recyclable product.

Free from DOP.

Washable long life mat

Wash Master™ wipe mats are constructed to maintain great function in high traffic areas as well as withstanding the extreme stress in industrial washing machines and tumble dryers over a long time.
The various colorways are designed to offer beautiful looks while efficiently hiding moist and dust particles.
High twist nylon yarns are extremely durable and the mat is not only nice to look at but also displays outstanding function and longevity. The fibers are solution dyed, meaning that the color fastness is extraordinary and guarantees a great appearance throughout the mat's lifetime.

The top quality nitrile rubber backing can be either smooth or cleated, making the mat stable and keeping it from sliding on the floor surface.


85x60 cm

85x150 cm

85x300 cm

115x180 cm

115x200 cm

115x240 cm

115x300 cm

150x250 cm

150x300 cm

150x400 cm


Free size, per sqm.

Max 150x1200 cm.

Max rec. 150x600 cm, larger sizes become so heavy that the mat faces risk to be torn apart in a laundry machine.


Duo-Mix: Black/Steel, Black/Cedar, Black/Red, Black/Blue 

Tri-Mix: Concrete, Baltic Blue, Onyx, Pebble, Granite, Amber, Garnet

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