One entrance - five tasks


Proper dust control solutions give these benefits:

  • Remove dirt and moist from shoes and cart wheels.
  • Minimize the risk of slipping accidents on wet and slippery floors.
  • Decrease wear-down and extend life span of interior flooring.
  • Reduce costs of cleaning and the need of detergent chemicals.
  • Create positive first impressions in a welcoming environment.

All in all, these solutions push back the need of reinvestments, reduce today's operating costs, and add to increased productivity through a pleasant and safe environment.

Dirty facts

430 million tonnes
of dust fall over
Europe yearly.

Approximately 80%
of all dirt in public
buildings is tracked
in via shoes.

A well functioning
mat solution can
remove up to 99%
of the dirt on shoes.

4½ meters of carpet
allow each foot to
make contact with
the matting 3 times.

Cleaning away only
1 kilo of dirt from
a public building can
cost up to 400 EUR.

Entrances with proper
dust control solutions
can reduce cleaning
costs with 50-70%.

On these pages you can read more about how to build efficient and great looking dust traps, how to select the right mat or carpet for different situations, as well as to see a selection of solutions delivered by our resellers. Go to the different sub-pages by clicking the horisontal menu above.

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