Sanitop™ Deluxe SAD
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Compound (Black): 100% Natural rubber (NR)

Compound (Blue/Red): 75% Nitrile rubber (NBR), 25% Natural rubber (NR)

Construction: Open, compression moulded.

Pattern: Ring design.

Ergonomic properties
Thickness: 20 mm

12.3 kg/sqm

Fire testing

Approved (ASTM D2859, CPSC-FF 1-70)

Sanitation testing
Approved (GN MCL, GN OBUV)


Cleaning: Hose off with water jet using mild detergent.


Recyclable product.

Free from DOP and DMF.

Complies with REACH standard.

The Chef's best friend


Rub-Scrape™ Deluxe unites safety and comfort, and it is suitable for tough use in wet and greasy areas e.g. in food industry and restaurant kitchens.


The surface has an aggressive slip resistance, and the large drainage holes and raised studs provide aeration and allow fluids and debris to fall through, leaving the surface clear.


The mat is non-shifting, and the mat's heavy weight keeps it in place.


It mat comes in two versions of rubber compounds, depending on the level of oil and grease resistance required. Ergonomic benefit is derived from the 20 mm thick
worker platform.


91x152 cm


6x91 cm (bevelled ramp)

6x152 cm (bevelled ramp)

6xlpm (bevelled ramp, per linear meter)

Connector for expansion





Ovansidan minimerar mycket effektivt halkrisker och stora dräneringshål samt upphöjda dubbar gör att vätskor och skräp faller igenom mattan medan ovansidan bibehålls ren.


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