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Compound: Nitrile rubber (NBR) with anti-microbial properties.

Construction: Open, compression moulded.

Pattern: Dogbone design, bevelled edges.

Ergonomic properties
Thickness: 10 mm

Hardness: 55 Shore A

4 kg/sqm


Cleaning: Hose off.

Recyclable product.

Free from DOP and DMF.

Complies with REACH standard.

Anti-microbial mat for kitchens


Flow-Step™ is a combined drainage- and anti-fatigue mat developed for medium use in both dry and wet/oily/greasy areas.


The nitrile rubber compound resists oil and grease and its anti-microbial properties reduce growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.


An open construction with large cleats underneath allow liquids to drain while keeping the top clear. The surface pattern prevents slip hazards and its bevelled edges reduce the risk of tripping.


60x90 cm

90x150 cm

120x180 cm

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