A foundation of good work environment

The use of ergonomic matting decreases in a considerable way the number of work related accidents. In addition to the obvious effectiveness of a dry and clean workstation compared to a soiled and slipping ground, there are good reasons to believe also, that the reduction in tiredness results in safer working conditions thus less sick leave and demand for medication. If you add the increase in productivity and improved employees’ morale, the saving of money is clearly evident.

The diagram shows the relationship between absence due to injury and the effect of standing on various levels of hardness of underlying floors or mats.

Why all these different mats?

Although the outcome of studies in favour of using mats is perfectly clear, the effectiveness remains subjected to the perception of workers. The physical size of the worker, and their own preferences as to what is comfortable, will cause different mats to be selected. A person weighing 90 kg will need a different mat than someone who only weighs 60 kg.


Besides the softness/hardness, also important to watch is worker’s freedom of movement. The anti-slip function must therefore be weighed against the need for easy twist-turns.


Regardless of your demand, our broad product range guarantees you to find a mat that suits your particular needs. 

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