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Compound: Vinyl (PVC), UV-resistant and anti-bacterially treated.

Construction: Open, injection moulded.

Pattern: Curved surface elements with raised knobs and drainage holes.

No of knobs: 17.150 pcs/sqm

Weight: 4.1 kg/sqm

Thickness: 9 mm

Temperature testing
-20°C - +70°C

Slip testing

Fulfills requirements in all classes (A+B+C) for wet room usage (DIN 51097).

Max inclination: 30° (DIN EN 13451/15288-1)

Cleaning: Hose off using mild detergent.


Recyclable product.

Ecocycle production where production residue is recycled into new products.

Manufactured according to ISO 14001.

Best slip protection for wet areas


Lagune™ is a modular system for slip protection and water drainage, specifically designed to endure high traffic while being custom fitted, making it ideal both for small private shower rooms as well as for large public wet areas, e.g. pool surroundings, showers, sauna, spa and changing rooms.


The construction of UV-shielded soft vinyl withstands cosmetic oils and chemicals, and the exceptional draining function is owed to a slightly curved top surface and an open underside which allows free passage of water.


The tiles have a built-in hidden connection system allowing cost efficient and seamless assembly of matting in any length, width and shape.


20x20 cm (module)

Box of 25 pcs (1 sqm)

Custom sizes

Made according to measurements.


Dark grey (stocked)

Beige, Light blue, Dark blue, Light green, Antique pink

Mattans halkförebyggande design skapar en varm och mjuk känsla under foten. Den är också ett bra hygienval tack vare dess anti-mikrobiella egenskaper som förhindrar tillväxt av bakterier, mögel och svamp, vilka annars kan orsaka hudåkommor såsom fotsvamp och ringorm.


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