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Compound: Extremely hardwearing polycarbonate (PC).

Upper side: Frosted surface.

Back side: Smooth with anti-slip coating.

Weight: 2080 grs/sqm

Thickness: 2.0 mm

Cleaning: Mop or vacuum clean.


Recyclable product.

Best quality, clarity and durability for hard floors


UnderCover™ is the best floor protector on the market, developed for longstanding daily use in high traffic office areas. It is suitable for all kinds of hard floors, including laminate, parquet, tiles and stone.


The protective cover is made from polycarbonate, an extremely durable material, used also for bullet proof glass. Polycarbonate has a number of unique properties:


•  Transparency: Crystal clear; does not change color or blur.

•  Dimensional stability: Does not fold or ripple even if it has been rolled.

•  Durability: Does not from cracks and is extremely resistant to scratching.


In addition, the back side is coated with a heat sealed foil offering excellent slip resistance preventing it from moving on the floor. UnderCover™ is completely scent free and leaves no markings on the floor.


90x120 cm

120x135 cm

120x150 cm

120x185 cm



Protects your floor wihtout hiding it

Cover™ floor protectors are ideal for most surfaces in both commercial premises and private homes. They protect all kinds of floors from damages and wear, while its transparent design allow the natural beauty of the floors to shine through.

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