FloorPromotion™ FP1000

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Fiber: Nylon 6:6 (PA), anti-static.

Construction: Frieze, tufted.

Compund: Actionbac® (AB), glueable.


Roll width: 200 cm

Size >200 cm: Straight cut and pattern fitted.

Size <200 cm: Straight cut or over-edged with yarn.


Pile weight: 1000 grs/sqm

Total weight: 2100 grs/sqm

Pile height: 6 mm

Total height: 7 mm

Technology: ChromoJet® High Definition.

Resolution: 76 dpi

No of colors: Unlimited.

Artwork size: Unlimited.

Fire testing

Bfl-S1 (EN 13501-1)


Cleaning: Vacuum clean or Extraction clean with mild detergent without bleach.

Drying: Evaporation.

Torkning: Avdunstning.


Closed process printing, all water is separated and reused.

Recyclable product.

Free from DOP.

Top quality carpet for a variety of solutions


FloorPromotion™ FP1000 is an exclusive carpet mainly aimed at permanent installations. It is very flexible and fits in almost any type of area.We have delivered this carpet to private homes, fitting rooms, corridors as well as showrooms, conference areas and hotel lobbies. It has even been installed as a sound damping and decorative wall covering in a school.


FP1000 is a perfect carpet for interior decorators/architects with demands for completely unique solutions. FP1000 also reaches the highest classifications in fire and wear tests. Our own pile construction (a tufted frieze) is made from highest quality nylon 6:6 yarns, and the backing consists of gluable Actionbac®. The pile is also anti-static which makes the carpet suitable also for computer areas.


Think large and free - forget all limitations

The printing technology (ChromoJet® HD), which we are the only ones in the world using, offers extreme richness of details (each pixel is only 0.33 mm) and every single carpet fiber is penetrated with color all the way to the bottom of the carpet, which creates enormous color depth and vibrance. We are the first in the carpet industry to use process colors, removing limitations of the number of colors that can be printed simultaneously. Finally, the size of an artwork does not matter anymore. Instead of repeating a pattern, you can print an image to your desired size even if it is hundreds of square meters large.


All carpets are delivered ready to install. Everything is pattern fitted and cut already in the factory. This makes our carpets a dream to install - all you have to do is roll it out and start using it.


For fixed sizes (max 2x30 m), you can have optional over-locking of the edges with color matched yarn. This enhances the finishing look and extends the life span.


Minimum quantities are as low as 2 sqm. Devliery times are 12-15 days, with an optional 7 day express delivery available.


Read more about the FloorPromotion™ concept.

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