The battle for customers

is fought on the floor!

Almost all advertising is vertical. Messages are crowdedly hung on walls, shelves, buses, billboards and more. Floors on the other hand, are almost completely unused. Areas which have not reached even a fraction of their potential as advertising and brand messengers. This is where we, the carpet printers, come in.

For several reasons, mats and carpets are the most optimal solution for floor advertising. The exclusive feel and structure of textile materials give an overall sensation of completeness. In addition, the total cost of using carpets, including installation and removal, is relatively low.

We have it all covered

In the matting and carpeting industry, we are the only supplier specialised in printing for businesses operating in advertising, promotion, exhibitions and events, all of which hold the highest demands on printing quality, short runs and fast deliveries. Several of the carpet printing technologies we use are actually unique in the world. These latest generation technologies allow us to print any logo, design or photograph with fantastic definition, vibrance and clarity.
Aprio has the market's broadest portfolio of printed mats and carpets, and we work within four main areas:
  • Entrance matting - improving first impressions!
  • Exphibition and Event carpets - creating grand impressions!
  • Point of Sale mats - increasing closing frequencies!
  • Profile matting - broadening brand building!
Whether you need small mats or a 1000 sqm large format carpet, if you look for a low budget or luxurious products, or if you wish to print a high resolution photograph or a simple logo - our product range ensures that you are fully covered.

The strength of POS mats

  • Four out of five customers notice advertising messages on floors and sales counters2, and owing to these messages, a third of them becomes influenced to purchase a certain brand3.
  • The buying decision is further enhanced if a direct offering is included in the ad.
  • In-store floor advertising increase sales with up to 25%4, and entrance floor advertising increase sales with 30%5.
  • Floor advertising is the most efficient guide to a certain isle or department in a store6.
Today, more and more buying decisions are made at the time of purchase. Companies spend enormous amounts on advertising in television, radio, newspapers, buses, billboards etc. A vast majority of these ads are aimed at attracting people to go to a store. However, once in the store, people tend to buy the product that stands out, often supported by various Point of Sale media. Studies show that seven out of ten buying decisions are made this way, half of which are impulse purchases.1 –This considered, there are few better tools than floor advertising, where the customer really gets in physical contact with the message and the brand.
On these pages you can read more about how to work with printed mats and carpets, learn which of our products that best fit different situations, as well as to see a selection of solutions delivered by our resellers. Go to the different sub-pages by clicking the horisontal menu above.
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2. POPAI - Point of Purchase Advertising International
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